Del Oro Jr Golden Eagles


Our goals are to provide a structured program to educate participants in all aspects of our youth football and cheer program. The success of our program will not be measured by our win-loss record or a competition placement, but by the sportsmanship, teamwork and respect we show others and ourselves on and off the field.

Our program will always be aimed at creating responsible and respectful youths that will work together as one family. In doing this, we will always provide a positive learning environment that will maintain the highest standards in athletics and academic achievement and will be a positive experience for all of our participants and parents.



Do I have to live within the Del Oro High School boundaries to play for the Del Oro Jr. Golden Eagles? 
No, you do not have to live within the Del Oro High School boundaries. However, ifteams are full and cuts must be made, students that do not live within the Del Oro High School "sphere of influence" will be the first released, regardless of skill. If the player participated in the DOJGE football program in 2016, they are considered to be part of the DOJGE "sphere of influence" and will not be cut for that reason. In addition, if you have an older child that will be attending Del Oro in 2017, that also qualifies as the "sphere of influence".  Please indicate that on your registration so that the registrar and coaches are aware.


How old does my son or daughter have to be to participate? 
Youth Football and Cheer is open to participants ages 6 – 14. Children that will be 6 years old on or before August 1st of any given football season are eligible to tryout. Cheer allows 5 & 6 year olds to participate in our Mascot program.

When will I know about schedules for practice and games? 
Non-mandatory camp will begin on July 5, 2017, every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. This is an opportunity to get kids back into shape and get some conditioning work with the coaches. Football terminology and drills are also taught during this time which is very helpful for new players. Football camp is non-mandatory but  highly recommended.

The first day of practice will be July 24th, 2017.  Practices are no more than 2-1/2 hours long, no more than ten hours a week and almost always in the evenings. The first two weeks of tryouts will be Monday – Thursday, from 5:30-8pm. We try to schedule all our games on Saturdays. It is the philosophy of the Del Oro Jr. Golden Eagles that we do not play on Sundays. However, because our game schedule is based upon the availability of the high school field, there have been occasions where we have had to play a Sunday game.

When is the first day of Football tryouts? 
July 24, 2017 is first day of football tryouts. – You will not be able to tryout if you have not turned in all your paperwork, have a signed medical release, and are paid in full. –NO EXCEPTIONS-


Is it ok if my child misses any of the two weeks of Football tryouts?
The first 2 days completes the mandatory conditioning required by the SAC Conference. Until the 5 hours of conditioning are completed, a child cannot participate in any contact drills or wear pads. The remainder of the try-out sessions will be full pads/full contact. During this time, the coaches will be evaluating all players' abilities. By the end of the second week, we must have all football teams reduced to 35 players, so missing even a single practice in the first two weeks can hurt a participant's chances of making the football team, especially if they are a first year player. Missing one of these practices does not require that the child be cut, however, it does play a significant part in the coach’s selection. To be clear however, if your child attends all of the practices and another child does not, that does not ensure your child a higher place on the team. It is about energy, effort AND skill.

What are the registration fees for football/cheer?
Registration fees for football & cheer are $300 for 1st child, $250 2nd child and $225 each additional child--with early bird discount ending April 30th. On May 1st, registration goes up $25 for each child.  There will also be the Raffle Fee ($100--sell tickets to get reimbursed) and Parent Volunteer Fee (see below) to be paid at time of registration.

What is the Parent Volunteer Fee?
All registration fees for football and cheer now also include a $100 work shift fee. This fee must be paid at the time of registration. This fee will replace the 10 hours of volunteer shifts that we have done in the past.  The fee will be used to hire teenagers to work those shifts.   However, if you would like to work your shift hours and receive a refund, you will be able to sign up to work game day shifts.  Look for an email in early August for these sign ups.


Can I choose what team my child plays on? 
No. Participants tryout for their own specific age and weight (age only for cheer) divisions. The DOJGE Board of Directors retains the sole discretion concerning all player placement decisions.

What if my child doesn’t like it or is released from the team, do I get a refund? 
If your child is released (cut) from the team prior to final team selection on August 3, 2017, a full refund will be given. If your child quits prior to August 3, 2017, a full refund will be given less a $25 administration fee. If your child quits or is injured after teams are selected (August 3, 2017), no refund will be given.

What if I cannot afford to pay for my player fees & equipment? 
DOJGE has special Scholarship Program to assist in covering these expenses. Each season we grant a limited amount of scholarship. One scholarship per family. Working game day shifts will be a requirement. Please contact the DOJGE President or any member of the DOJGE Board of Directors who will confidentially discuss and process your scholarship request.

Do you need Coaches, Team Parents, or other Volunteers? 
Del Oro Jr. Golden Eagles is a completely volunteer program. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help support the league in any capacity that they can.

How do I become a Football Coach for DOJGE?
If you are interested in applying for a coaching position, email Kristine Taylor You do not need to have a player on any team to coach. 

How do I become a Cheerleader Coach for DOJGE?
If you are interested in becoming a cheer coach for DOJGE please contact Shawna Robles at

Do I need to fundraise? 
Fundraisers are an integral part of the success of DOJGE. Additional information will follow on the DOJGE website as we complete our planning process.

Also, DOJGE raises funds with website sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a DOJGE sponsor, please contact the Sponosrship coordinator  They can share with you all of the great things you receive as one of DOJGE sponsors!!

Can I watch my child practice?
The practice field is reserved for coaches, participants and instructors only. It is asked that parents, friends and siblings remain off the practice field at all times. Practice time is limited, so it is important that coaches have the opportunity to make the best use of the time allotted. If you must speak to a coach, please contact them before or after practice. Siblings should not be left at the field without adult supervision and DOJGE will not assume responsibility for their safety. Also, although words of encouragement during practice by parents are always welcome, words of criticism are strictly forbidden and disruptive. DOJGE retains the exclusive right to request the removal of disruptive parents or visitors.


How Is Playing Time Calculated? 
(Play Allotment Rule – PAR) 
Sierra Athletic Conference (SAC) requires that all players receive eight (8) plays per game for a squad of 29-35 players; 10 plays per game for 22-28 players; or 12 plays per game for 21 or fewer players per team. For each game, two people will be responsible to document a team’s PAR requirement. If a team fails to meet their PAR requirement, they forfeit the game. Beyond the PAR requirement, playing time is at the sole discretion of the coaching squad, who will determine a player’s playing time based on, but not limited to, the following multiple factors: skill, discipline, practice drills, leadership, conditioning and practice attendance.

Can I bring my family pets?
NO!! Family pets leashed or not, are prohibited at all practices and games.This is a safety issue (Franklin and Del Oro school policy) and we ask for your cooperation. If a pet is brought to the field, one of the Board members will ask you to remove the pet. Please don’t put us in the position to have to do that.


What if I have a suggestion or complaint? 
All suggestions or complaints must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors. A written response will be forwarded after the next regular board meeting. The address for submission is:

P.O. Box 564 Loomis, CA 95650 Or you can send an email to the DOJGE Board President: